Tuesday, 19 April 2016

18th April 2016 Amazing Mathematics

18th April 2016

Wow. I saw year 2 children enjoying a maths lesson today! Learning how to multiply and divide. They were all absolutely engrossed in what they were doing. Resourceful Renny and Determined Darby made an appearance and it was great to see that they didn’t mind about making mistakes. It’s all part of learning.

Maths wasn’t like this in my day.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Curriculum and Standards with an ELSA focus

On Monday 22nd February, the Curriculum and Standards Committee met for one of their regular meetings.
We were fortunate in having Mrs Stuart, Learing mentor/ELSA and Mrs Austin, Teaching Assistant/ELSA talking to us about some of their work and answering our questions.

They showed us the bright colourful room where they work and explained how children were chosen to work with them. Some needed extra skills or one to one work, others had good social skills to share. All were usually referred by their class teachers. Mrs Stuart and Mrs Austin are very flexible with what they do and cover areas from social skills groups, to listening to children and giving them the opportunity to discuss any worries or fears. If the situation arises they may even include parts of the curriculum eg handwriting!
They work closely with the SENCO Mrs Turner who records results in the school profile updates which are accessed by Mr Howard and the School Leadership Team, thereby ensuring that their important input is part of the overall work of the school and leads to greater impact on children's outcomes.

We very much appreciated Mrs Stuart and Mrs Austin giving us so much interesting information, and also for staying behind after school.

Daphne Gale. Chair of Resources and Strategies. Acting Chair

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Wow: What an eggsellent idea!

Wow: What a brilliant idea to have young chicks hatching and growing in the school and to have it on a webcam for everyone to see. It’s already got me hooked, and I have the image under refresh to see just how close together they hatch. It’s one to the “boys” so far, so it will be interesting to see what the mix of boys and girls is once they’ve all hatched. I reckon….more girls at 2 girls to every boy.

Clive Good